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Donghua University CSC Scholarship and Shanghai Government Scholarship result 2021-2021 | Donghua CSC Guide Official

donghua university csc scholarhsip result csc guide

Donghua University  CSC Scholarship and Shanghai Government Scholarship Result 2021-2022 || Donghua CSC and Shanghai Government Result CSC Guide Official

The nomination list is not the admission list. The final result is subject to the official email notice of ICES-DHU.

Donghua University  the CSC scholarship and Shanghai Government Scholarship  result 2021-2022. After rounds of reviews on the applications submitted for 2021 degree study intake, the Donghua University Review Committee on Entrance Scholarships for International Students announces that the following applicants are nominated as the candidates of Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) and Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS). The public notification period of the list (see attachment) is as of now until June 24, 2021.

csc scholarship result

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